PG 3030/10/SE/SF

Product features

Semiconductor casing: PGA ; BGA ; IC
Semiconductor mounted by: Bonding
Heat sink mounted by: Adhesive Bounding
Finish Black Anodised
Material AlMgSi0,5
Width [mm]: 30.0
Height [mm]: 10.0
Length [mm]: 30.0
Min. thermal resistance [K/W]: 9.0

- Heatsinks for microprocessors (Extrusion Technology) - Direct mounting with self-adhesive foil - Best possible heat radiation from black anodized surface - RthKvalues apply to natural convection (without external ventilation) - Arrangement and number of pins for optimal air flow - Even heat distribution in the base and the pins in the direction of heat flow - Suitable for forced and free convection - Aluminium alloy Al MgSi 0.5 - Thermal conductivity: 180-200 W / mK - Other dimensions and surface finishes by request

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