Since 1977, apart from its range of standard heat sinks and casings extrusions, Alutronic also offers customised aluminium extrusions. More than 400 customised extusions have come up since then period and have brought decisive technical and economical benefits to our customers.

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If you need any additional information on customised extrusions or like to discuss the feasibility of your ideas, pleas feel free to contact us. We are glad to be able to help you!

  • Reduced material in extrusion direction
  • Reduced processing time for drilling by featuring screwing channel in and rectangular to the extrusion direction
  • Reduced processing time and assembly time by featuring PCB board or other insertion grooves in extrusion direction
  • Reduced processing time and assembly time by featuring clip grooves in extrusion direction
  • Improved thermal performance by increasing the heat sink surface for free or forced convection
  • Improved thermal performance by incorporating bases to cover a certain distance from component to heat sink (instead of gap pads for example)
  • Fusion of heat sink and casing design
  • Low one-time tooling costs for extrusion profiles compared to die cast tooling
  • Minimum order quantities start as low as 500kg (lower volumes possible for surcharge)
  • Logistical solutions: Alutronic offers stockpiling in connection with frame orders
  • Cost reduction by adding surface treatment, such as anodization, chromating, coatings already to the 6m profile bar instead of to each processed heat sink
  • Cost reduction by reducing material weight, processing and assembly time
  • Short lead times for tooling, sampling, prototyping and serial production