About Us

Since 1977: „Solutions for cool results"

Nice to get to know you! We are Alutronic, a medium-sized, family-run company from the Sauerland region in South Westphalia, Germany. With around 80 employees, we offer effective solutions for the heat dissipation of electronics and corresponding accessories. Since 1977, we have been processing aluminium extruded profiles, forged parts and standard parts with state-of-the-art machining and we take care of the optimum surface finish in our in-house anodising line.

Why choose Alutronic as your heat sink supplier? For single pieces up to series of 50,000 pieces p.a., the customer's wishes are our top priority! We will accompany you until you have found an attractively priced heat sink solution with:

  • Production engineering advice in the development phase
  • Thermal advice
  • Advice on decorative requirements for your component
  • A selection of over 250 standard profiles
  • Advice on your own profile solution
  • An extensive range of accessories
  • Short delivery times 
  • Logistics solutions
  • Support for your efforts towards climate protection

On our website you will find the Heat Sink Finder, a unique search engine for choosing your thermally best and most material-efficient option from the multitude of standard heat sink profiles. Another argument in favour of Alutronic: Since 2015, we have been balancing and reducing our CO2 footprint. We are pioneers among heat sink manufacturers in this field and will be happy to support you if your company is also making efforts in this direction or wants to do so. Enough words, feel free to contact us and convince yourself of our service standards!

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