Quality Management

Scope of our QM system

ALUTRONIC mainly manufactures heat sinks for passive and active cooling of electronic semiconductors. The heat sinks are manufactured by machining from pre-material such as aluminium extrusions/ extruded parts/ flat materials. To a lesser extent, Alutronic also imports and trades in heat sinks and accessories.
From our in-house electroplating shop, we add anodised, chromated and pickled surfaces for the heat sinks we produce, or we anodise on a contract basis. 
Service for customer projects is also an important area of Alutronic's activities. The direct service mainly refers to thermal, constructive and manufacturing advice, design of special profiles and logistical solutions. The indirect service refers to the support of development work through a wide range of standard profiles and specially developed search programmes. 
In order to maintain the quality of our services and our products at a high level, the creation of a high-quality implementation in our own company through knowledge and technology is crucial. In addition, we rely on the following in our communication with our customers and suppliers:

  • Acting on an equal footing
  • Clear, constructive communication
  • Respect and acceptance
  • Differentiation of wishes and requirements

This is the prerequisite for all internal and external customers, suppliers, partners and other interested parties to gain satisfaction with our services while complying with the required specifications. And, furthermore, to be able to shape long-term change together with us on a common path into the future. These interactions and attitudes form the basis for the processes and implementation of our QM system according to DIN EN ISO 9001. 

Quality is the mother of all goal-oriented values!
Its expression can be found in all our products and services.

Control is good!

From the programming and initial set-up of your component, through series production to delivery, our products are subject to constant testing and quality control. Our quality inspectors use state-of-the-art measuring and testing technology to ensure consistent quality for all products.
We attach great importance to ensuring that every employee in the company contributes to our quality standards and is aware of this responsibility. We achieve continuous optimisation of our production and products through

  • state-of-the-art testing techniques, 
  • production-related running checks, 
  • Individual training of all employees, 
  • a product-related attitude to high quality on the part of everyone in the company. 

This forms the motivational framework and goal for our QM system - it is the basis for our acceptance of responsibility, because we know and can explain, 

  • what we do, 
  • how we do it, 
  • why we act the way we do,
  • for the benefit of our customers.