Heat sinks from Alutronic are climate-friendly!

We balance the CO2 emissions of our company and compensate them with forest protection projects in Santa Maria (Brazil)


  1. Fairness: Quality of life is directly related to climate and environment. We want to secure our high quality of life for future generations as well.
  2. Conviction: Ecological action also means economic action
  3. Advantage: You have advantages as a customer of Alutronic! Without additional costs you reduce the CO2 balance of your product. This has no economic effect? It is a sales argument. Fortunately, there are already many companies and decision-makers who listen when it comes to climate protection.
  4. The good feeling: Not to be confused with a good conscience! The good feeling stems from the fact that one does not just listen inactive to the pessimistic assessments of scientists.

Alutronic is engaged explicitly with climate protection since 2015.

Since 2015, we balance our CO2 emissions and compensate the emissions of our company.

Since 2015 we only source electricity from renewable energies

We participate in the Regional Network for Energy Efficiency.

From 2015 to 2020 we have realised a reduction in CO2 emissions of around 30%

Since the beginning of 2020 all Alutronic heat sinks are climate friendly!


What does the term „climate friendly“ mean?

"Climate-friendly" refers to companies, processes or products whose unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions are calculated and compensated through supporting a climate protection project.

Climate change is a global issue, with greenhouse gases emissions emitted regionally and distributed throughout the atmosphere. This means that it is irrelevant of where the concentration of greenhouse gases is emitted, but how and where they can be mitigated or prevented.

Therefore it is possible to compensate for greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be avoided locally through the prevention of greenhouse gas emissions in other location. This compensation occurs by supporting recognized climate protection projects.

For this reason we are pleased that since 2015 we compensate 1.941 tons of CO2 with the « Climate Protection Project. Forest Protection » in Santa Maria in Brazil.Gerade