At Alutronic, we invest in forest protection projects in Santa Maria (Brazil) to balance our CO2 emissions.

Climate change and climate protection are hotly debated issues.

Ecological action, sustainability and corporate responsibility are concepts that often provoke a lot of finger pointing.

At Alutronic, we are convinced that ecological action also means economic action, which is why climate protection is part of our program.

We are convinced that resource efficiency,use of renewable energy sources and respectful treatment of the
environment is crucial to safeguard the quality of life for future generations.

We also think it offers you, as our customers, the advantage to have made not only the most economical but also the most ecologically sensible decision with a heat sink from Alutronic.

This is why, since 2015, we have sourced our power solely from renewable energie sources, taken part in the Regional Network for Energy Efficiency and committed to reducing our CO2 emissions by 20% by 2020.

What does the term "climate neutral" mean?

"Climate-neutral" refers to companies, processes or products whose unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions are calculated and compensated through supporting a climate protection project.

Climate change is a global issue, with greenhouse gases emissions emitted regionally and distributed throughout the atmosphere. This means that it is irrelevant of where the concentration of greenhouse gases is emitted, but how and where they can be mitigated or prevented.

Therefore it is possible to compensate for greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be avoided locally through the prevention greenhouse gas emissions in other location. This compensation occurs by supporting recognized climate protection projects.

Climate protection is not just a matter close to our heart, it is also something that is self-evident.

For these reason, we are delighted that we have compensated for 200,713 kg of CO2 by supporting the "Forest conservation climate protection project" in the Brazilian municipality of Santa Maria!

As a comparison, the quantity of 200,713 kg of CO2 compensated for by us corresponds to...

... the emissions created by driving 833,976 kilometres by car

... the emissions from 215,820 washing cycles at 60°C

... the annual emissions from 28.7 average world citizens

... the emissions caused by 238.9 truck (>32t) journeys from Zurich to Berlin

... the emissions caused by 122.3 economy flights from Frankfurt to New York

... the emissions caused by the production of 8,150.2 kg of (raw) beef

Information and certificates to download

Alutronic "Climate-neutral Company" certificates

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Alutronic Corporate Carbon Footprints

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Information on the "Santa Maria" forest protection project in Brazil

Waldschutzprojekt Santa Maria