Core Competence

Reliable component cooling and compliance with defined dimensionsat an affordable price.

We understand that this is a challenge that canquickly become very complicated.

With thirty five years experience within the market and our exceptionalknowledge, Alutronic delivers simple solutions to complex tasks. Our expertiseand success is shared with all partners in our network regardlessof whether they are customers or suppliers.

Alutronic’s core competency is machining and anodising aluminium, economically and precisely.

Our in-house expertise is backed up by an established network ofspecialists. Together we can advise you on the following topics:

  • Thermal simulation
  • Optimised special profiles
  • Own surface coating
  • System components such as fans, heat pipes or Peltier elements
  • Fastening techniques such as clip, solder or screw mounting
  • Thermal interface material