The thermal resistances of our heat sink profiles have been calculated for you in simplified applications.

The values indicated in the thermal diagrams were measured under the following conditions on the Alutronic premises:

  • Black matte, anodised heat sink
  • Vertical fin arrangement, natural convection
  • One heat source at the centre of the heat sink (unless otherwise specified)
  • Temperature measured between the mounting surfaces of the semiconductor and the heat sink
  • Only thermally conductive adhesives used
  • Ambient temperature measured at a distance of 1 m from the workpiece

The measured values indicate the temperature rise as a function of the power input for different profile lengths.

The thermal resistances for the associated power values are calculated from the temperature rise and summarised in the adjacent table.


These thermal diagrams show the relationship between the thermal resistance and the power input on the one hand and the length sections on the other. Amongst other things, you can then see at a glance which minimum length is recommended for a particular heat sink profile.


You also see the surface area A, the volume V and the weight in g for each heat sink length.

Do you have any questions about the measured values? Are you unsure whether these values are relevant for your application? Please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’d be delighted to help!