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Semiconductor mounted by: Clip Mounting

Practical tool for assembly clips of Alutronic Alutronic assembly clips are especially advantageous, if you have to fix electronic components onto chill bodies in a cramped installation situation. Another essential advantage is the shorter assembly time in comparison to the assembly by screws and the steady, central pressure of the semiconductor on the chill surface. This guarantees an optimum heat crossing by which local temperature differences can be reduced in the semiconductor. False assembly by over winding the screws is avoided. Also a different force distribution by the selective application of screws by which is tensions in the semiconductor case are minimized. It is suited for all Alutronic assembly clips of the design MC725, MC726, MC773 and MC797 from spring steel. Like a screw driver, the tool certainly lie in your hand. Also slipping off is unlikely in contrast to the work with other assembly tools, because here the holds occur through form end instead of strength end. After all, you prevent too quick tiring by diminished strength application.

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