AK 352/15/SE

Product features

Semiconductor casing: TO-218 ; TOP-3
Semiconductor mounted by: Screw
Heat sink mounted by: Srew-On
Finish Black Anodised
Material AlMgSi0,5
Width [mm]: 20.0
Height [mm]: 15.0
Length [mm]: 15.0
Min. thermal resistance [K/W]: 28.0

Top-mounted and contact pressure heat sinks for optimised contact pressure and additional cooling - Reduced contact thermal resistance (RthGK) to the primary heat sink and avoidance of ‚hot spots’ by means of ull-surface contact pressure - Reduced overall thermal resistance (Rth) via additional heat carry-off - RthK-values obtained for „stand-alone” – application - For individual M 2,5 / M 3 screwed assembly as standard - Special dimensions, e.g. for multiple assembly, on request - from AlMgSi o,5 F22, black anodized - for cases TO-220

Product pictures

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