PA 701/100g

Product features

Material Silicon free
Content 100.0

Thermal compound to increase heat conductivity between heat sink and electrical package by filling up pockets of air between interface contacts. For an area of 100x100 mm (unmilled extruded profile) about 4,0g of thermal compound should be spread out as a thin film. This product is classified as a hazardous substance. Technical data Technical specification: Environmentally hazardous substance, solid n.o.s * (zinc-oxide) -Material free of silicone: synthetic ester oil (base oil) + powderised metal oxide/ Montmorillonite ( Thickener ) -None toxic, neutral in smell -Form: Grease -Colour:White -Heat- proof up to: 200°C -Density (20°C): 2,00g / cm³ -Operating temperature range:-40 / + 150°C -Thermal conductivity: min. 0,5 W/mK -Pour point: below -60°C -Grease precipitation:0,4% -Relative dielectric constant(10^6Hz):0,4 -Shelf life:To be used within 6 months According to the Dangerous Goods Ordinance GGVSEB (Road, Rail and Inland Shipping) As well as IATA (airfreight), this article shall be treated as dangerous goods. Please note the separate shipping conditions. (For more detailed information, please refer to the "Service/Downloads" tab)

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