WK 800-D-4ml

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Material anaerobic-non toxic

Adhesive or dissipator as a syringe WK 800 fixes heat sinks to components and parts. It allows parts and components to be stuck even on vertical cooling surfaces, and similarly on metallic housing surfaces, side walls without clamps, screws or other mechanical fixture. Typical applications include adhesion of transformers, microprocessors and other heat-dissipating component and PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) or coolers. WK 800 is particularly suitable for fixing LED chips on heat sinks. Max. adhesive gab: 0,25 mm Shear strenght: 5,5 N/mm2 Tensile strenght :15,2 N/mm2 Thermal expansion coefficient: 110 ppm/K Thermal conductivity: 0,76 W/mK Dielectric Strenght: 26,78 kV/mm Flammability: V-0 Processing temperature: 20-28 °C Temperature range -55 - +150 °C Storability temperature: 8 - 28 °C Storability at 22 °C: min 3 Years The product can be used after opening for 1 year. WK 800 has several benefits compared to traditional adhesive compounds such as e.g. thermal hot adhesives or epoxy adhesives. It ensures permanent application with reliable compliance of the thermal and technical properties. The adhesive can be used easily and thus reduces costs in production as well as repair times in service. Surfaces moistened with WK 800 adhesive or activator can rest for an almost unlimited period of time without the properties of the adhesive location getting deteriorated. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Recommended aid: cotton cloth, lint-free, cleaning agent [e.g. toluene, isopropyl alcohol] Please pay attention to the safety regulations for the solvent. Wear rubber gloves when working for a longer time! Fertility: 1ml WK800-D = 100cm² / at 0,1mm application 1ml WK800-A = 200cm² / at 0.1mm application WK800-D Rule of thumb: Adhesive quantity per 1 cm2 = 1cm * 1cm * 0.01cm = 0.01cm3 corresponds to 0.01ml The smallest tube WK800-D (4ml) is sufficient for approx. 400 adhesive surfaces of 1cm2 each with an assumed adhesive thickness of 0.1mm. WK800-A A vial of 10ml (equivalent to 10 cm3) is enough for approx. 2000 adhesions. 1 vial activator (10ml) is enough for 5 tubes Dissipator each 4ml. The fertility of the activator is therefore at least 2 times higher than that of the adhesive itself. As soon as you do not apply 0.1mm but 0.2mm, the amount halves.

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