WK 800-A-10ml

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Material anaerobic-non toxic

activator is available as a 10 ml bottle with brush! The components are not mixed. It suffices to apply a small quantity of the adhesive (WK800-D-4ml or WK800-D-25ml) on one of the surfaces to be bonded and smearing the other adhesive surface with the activator. The surfaces are joined by pressing them together. It is possible to make a correction within 15-30 seconds. The adhesion is sturdy after 5 minutes at room temperature and cures within 24 hours completely. Max. adhesive gab: 0,25 mm Shear strenght: 5,5 N/mm2 Tensile strenght :15,2 N/mm2 Thermal expansion coefficient: 110 ppm/K Thermal conductivity: 0,76 W/mK Dielectric Strenght: 26,78 kV/mm Flammability: V-0 Processing temperature: 20-28 °C Temperature range -55 - +150 °C Storability temperature: 8 - 28 °C Storability at 22 °C: min 3 Years The product can be used after opening for 1 year. Fertility: 1ml WK800-D = 100cm² / at 0,1mm application 1ml WK800-A = 200cm² / at 0.1mm application WK800-D Rule of thumb: Adhesive quantity per 1 cm2 = 1cm * 1cm * 0.01cm = 0.01cm3 corresponds to 0.01ml The smallest tube WK800-D (4ml) is sufficient for approx. 400 adhesive surfaces of 1cm2 each with an assumed adhesive thickness of 0.1mm. WK800-A A vial of 10ml (equivalent to 10 cm3) is enough for approx. 2000 adhesions. 1 vial activator (10ml) is enough for 5 tubes Dissipator each 4ml. The fertility of the activator is therefore at least 2 times higher than that of the adhesive itself. As soon as you do not apply 0.1mm but 0.2mm, the amount halves.

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