New search engine HEAT SINK FINDER

Alutronic offers the fastest and most effective way to find the right standard heat sink!

Sept. 8, 2021 | category: News - Technology

After more than a year of development, Alutronic is proud to present the new HEAT SINK FINDER. The HEAT SINK FINDER is a small revolution on the market for heat sinks. Until now, search engines could only search the standard range by profile width, profile height and base thickness of the profile.

The HEAT SINK FINDER now also offers the possibility to search by

Profile length

Thermal resistance of the heat sink

Power loss of the electronic system

This means you can search for a suitable profile using all the data you have available for heat sink design. The HEAT SINK FINDER searches and calculates all thermal performance diagrams of our standard heat sink profiles and search results are displayed in an easily sortable way.


The best thing is to have a look directly:

We hope that the HEAT SINK FINDER will be useful for you and we are very happy to receive feedback, questions and suggestions. Please contact Mr Schneider directly: