A new benchmark for pin heatsinks!

At 98x98mm: 220 Watt heat dissipation. With 20mm higher pins 20% better performance!

July 9, 2021 | category: News - Technology

With an overall height of 65mm, the PO 98-98-65-AL sets new standards. Until now, the maximum height of pin heat sinks was 45mm. In the case of the PO 98-98-65-AL, the additional 20mm improves the performance of the heatsink by 20%. The PO 98-98-45-AL in 45mm height can dissipate 180 watts of heat energy, the PO 98-98-65-AL already 220 watts (side-ventilated, 2 m/s). Available immediately in the Alutronic standard range, also machined, surface-treated or with mounted fan.



PO 98-98-20-AL


PO 98-98-40-AL


PO 98-98-65-AL