3D Printed High Performance Coolers

ALUTRONIC and SEPA EUROPE Rethink Heat Sinks

Jan. 8, 2021 | category: News - Technology

ALUTRONIC cooperates with SEPA EUROPE and APWorks in the form of a joint project. The target is to achieve a higher cooling capacity per volume. The result speaks for itself. Thanks to this close cooperation we are in a position to offer tailor-made cooling solutions to a wide range of customers.

The chip cooler of the HXB series by ALUTRONIC and SEPA EUROPE is a compact combination of fan and a Powerbloc comprising a pin-fin heat sink (Kühligel) and appropriate mounted fan. This attractively priced combination is ideal and provides an adequate cooling capacity for many applications. But the development engineers at ALUTRONIC and SEPA EUROPE wanted to go further and this pushing ahead marked the birth of the 3DQler.

The cooperation with the experts of APWORKS provided the decisive impulse. Due to the metal 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, APWORKS is in the position to produce geometrically highly complex heat sinks. We were able, for example, to optimize the pin-fin heat sinks and can now fill the gap that the standard cooling solutions can no longer fill. Without having to change the external dimensions or make the fan more powerful, the additively manufactured version can be realized with 30% more efficient waste heat. For some power-hungry yet extremely compact systems this is ultimately the systemically significant cooler.

With the 3DQler, ALUTRONIC, SEPA EUROPE and APWORKS have developed a modern and active cooling concept that offers numerous advantages: Freedom of design with regard to installation space and a reduction of the manufacturing costs. In combination with the axial fans of SEPA EUROPE, the 3DQler is also a reliable product with an extremely high service life that enables accurate positioning and thus effective cooling not only of hot spots.

The 3DQler is yet again an excellent example for the continuous development of products at ALUTRONIC and SEPA EUROPE.

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