Alutronic Produces Simple Anti-Contamination Tool

Door handle and door locks pose risks of infection. Here a little devise to minimize it

March 20, 2020 | category: News - Alutronic

The idea is not new.

Handheld hooks to help to open and lock doors without skin-contact.

But these little devices are not available at present or being offered at sky-high prices.

We decided to produce these products ourselves, first of all for our own team.

We hope this will be just another small but effective step to protect our team, our company and our fellow humans.

The hooks are made of hard plastic material and are cut by our own CNC machinery.

If you are interested in this device, please contact Mrs. Lorenz by E-Mail:

We also like to share the drawing with you if you want to produce this tool yourself.


Please be save and helpful to others!


Your Alutronic Team