IS 561

Product features

Semiconductor casing: TO-220 ; TO-218 ; TOP-3 ; Multiwatt
Semiconductor mounted by: Screw
Material SR25
Diameter [mm]: 6.0
Inner diameter [mm]: 3.1
Outer diameter [mm]: 3.5
Thickness [mm]: 0.2
Insulation capacity: 16.0
Temperature resistance 200.0

Insulating bushes in combination with insulating wafers from mica or silicone foil facilitate insulated mounting of semiconductors to heatsinks an other components. Combustibility: According to UL 94 VO Material: SR25 Compound: Polysulfone Dielectric strenght: 16 KV/mm Heat resistance: 200 °C For cases: TO220/TOP3 (TO218)

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